30 Minutes Pastry – Banana Sausage

Child’s play, 30 minutes puff pastry with bananas and sausages.
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30 Minutes Pastry: Banana & Sausage

1 puff pastry sheet
4 sausages/hotdogs
2 bananas
A little cheese
A little egg for egg wash

Prepare: 10 minutes
Baking: 20 minutes at 200°C preheated oven
An oven may vary

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  2. Janet Farnworth says:

    I wouldn’t have thought to put cheese on banana. I’ll try it. I love the simplicity of your recipes.

  3. Bethany Ephraim says:

    Thanks Ninik, I like the woven design and love the puff pastry, however, no bananas and sausages for me as I don’t like both but I’ll do this recipe with strips of chicken breasts cooked with my home-made Adobe spice as I’m always looking for something new for breakfast … Yum yum!! Great job .. keep it up!!

  4. Renata Barros says:

    Que lindo!!🙂e tambem mostra ser gostoso😋😋boa tarde Ninik linda!!como esta mana? Bjisss😚💚Deus te Abénçoe!!!👏👏

  5. Ralu Demsa says:

    Wowowoow super

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