Eggless Cake || Eggless Pistachio Cake || Easy Eggless Cake

In this video, I am demonstrating step-by-step on how to make the most simple and easy way to start baking and decorating a simple eggless cake pistachio flavored for a beginner.

So let’s get started on this super yummy home made Eggless Cake!

Here’s a easy methodology to make Eggless Pistachio Cake.

One taste and you’ll fall in love.

Eggless sponge cake with a slight twist to it. Yes, we add some pistachio powder. Once out from the oven learn the correct way of cooling down the cake before you start to decorate it. I used a shell nozzle (wilton 4B), on top of the cake will be cutely decorated with simple whipped cream to complete the dreamy look.

All purpose flour : 1 cup (with 1 tspn corn flour)
Powdered Pistachio : ½ cup
Sugar : ½ cup
Oil : ¼ cup (any refined oil)
Hot milk : 1 cup
Baking powder : ½ tspn
Baking soda : ¼ tspn
Salt : ¼ tspn
Pistachio essence : ½ tspn
Baking tin : 8″ round lined with baking paper

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I hope you enjoy this Easy & Simple Eggless Cake baking and decorating.



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