Homemade puff pastry Dough ||How to make homemade puff pastry at home bakery style (ramazan recipe)

Kitchen With Fatima
Welcome to my kitchen friends today i will show you how to make a bakery atyle puff pastry
Homemade puff pastry by kitchen with fatima .
With this puff pastry you can make sweet and savoury things very easily at home.

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By kitchen with Fatima

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  1. Bimal Shastri says:

    wonderful…video with great recipe.

  2. Anabiya Recipes says:

    Wa alaikum salam

  3. Anabiya Recipes says:

    Nyc 🖒Thank u for shareing

  4. My Sunshinesz says:

    Thanks for sharing..you are too good 👍👍😊

  5. Shahi Daig says:

    24 like. Walekumsalam dear Fatima. Ramadan Mubarak dear to u and to ur family. Aur ye Mashallah aapne bahot acha dough banaya. Puff pastry to bahot cheezon main istemal hoti hai. Bahot hi useful and easy method banaya aapne dear 😍😍💖👏👏

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