Oreo Chocolate Thick Milkshake | Oreo Milkshake Recipe ~ The Terrace Kitchen

Oreo Chocolate Thick Milkshake | Oreo Milkshake Recipe ~ The Terrace Kitchen



– 10 Oreo chocolate cream biscuits
– Keep 2 Tbsp aside to add to the whipped cream
– 1/2 Cup chilled milk
– 1 Tbsp chocolate syrup
– 3 Ice cubes
– 200 ml Chocolate ice cream
– Some whipped cream for garnishing
– 1/4 Tsp instant coffee powder


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  1. Megha Sarkar says:

    Hi really looks yum
    Pl share how to make whipped cream or is it available in market

  2. avneet_blogs XOXO says:

    It looks so delicious di….being a chocolate lover…I love each n everything made with chocolate…n when u share any recipe with us..it is turns out something which is splendid…you are the best… Wish that you cross 1M subscribers soon..loads of love ❤️🌹…

  3. bhama menon says:

    Its just superb👍👍👌

  4. Priyanka Shaw says:

    I made this before watching this video and would like to say that the biscuits become soggy n spoils the taste of the shake

  5. Justin bieber says:

    osssam 😍😍😍😍😍

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