Sattu Sweet & Salted | Kunal Kapur | Indian Drinks Recipes | Ramadan Recipes | Superfood

Stay hydrated this #Ramadan with Sattu for #Iftar.
Sattu is a superfood that has been a vital part of cuisine. Sattu is usually made my grinding toasted gram (channa) or toasted barley (jau) & sometimes mixing both together. Also other varieties do exist. It can be had as a drink or can be used to make several other recipes. It is truly a superfood as it is high on fiber, proteins & keeps the body hydrated and protects from heat strokes. It is widely eaten in #Bihar #Jharkhand #UttarPradesh #Orissa parts of #Uttarakhand #Delhi #Punjab #Rajasthan #MadhyaPradesh #KunalKapurRecipes #RamadanRecipe #Superfood #KKitchen #KunalKapurRecipes

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  1. ankita singh says:

    sir in next video can you make crispy golgappe……it will be great to learn from you..

  2. Nafisa Ahmed says:

    It’s look so testy😀 thank u shef😁😁

  3. Ahare Bangla says:

    Must have in summers.. i love it. Thank you sir

  4. Shrijon Tushar says:

    sir how to make mayonnaise?

  5. Abhi's Music World says:

    *Cool* 👌😊🍹

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