Tea Cake Recipe Without Oven – Pound Cake Tea Time Recipe – How to make Tea Cake – Cake Recipe

In India and Australia a tea cake is more like a sponge cake. Tea refers to the popular beverage to which these baked goods are an accompaniment. How to make a Soft Tea Cake Without Oven at Home for Tea Time. A Plain Cake or Pound Cake Recipe for Tea Time by Lively Cooking


All Purpose flour 1 Cups + 1 tsp Baking Powder
Eggs 2
Powder Sugar 1 Cup
Butter 2 Tbs
Vanilla Essence 1 tsp
Honey 1 Tsp

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    The great thing for lively cooking is every recipe is simple and all ingrediants are easly available in market!!! Cake seems too good…

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    Easy tea cake…

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