We deep fried this 50x – Epic Meal Time

This week we took a single chicken wing and deep fried it 50 times to create the greatest snack.

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We Deep Fried This 50x – Epic Meal Time


  1. Brian B says:

    Idk wtf I just watched but I fucks wit it

  2. Atrophy Queen says:

    it looked like if you cut a tree in half to discover its age

  3. Donny Kurniawan says:

    Can we reach 1000x Deep fried?

  4. Rebecca Dahl says:

    Yeah, I’ll get a dozen to go. I’ll also have a crash cart to go, too. And an ambulance.

  5. Kiwi Supreme says:

    Getting kind of Desperate, Liked your gaming stuff maybe time to change genre.

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